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Current Topics

  • 2018 - current
    Cyber Security

    Currently works on the development of malware detection techniques, in particular for botnets, assisted by machine learning algorithms.
    Keywords: Malware detection, Botnet, Machine learning

  • 2009 - current
    Knowledge Engineering

    Currently works on the development of an innovative formalism for the qualitative description of spatial knowledge and on an information extraction system for heterogeneous sources that integrates known extraction techniques based on the information structure with a methodology that makes use of the visual appearance of the information. Also worked on lightweight formalisms for the description of software systems dynamics and use cases.
    Keywords: Visual Information Extraction , Spatio-Temporal Knowledge 


Past Topics

  • 2008 - 2016
    Planning and Control

    Currently works on the application of model checking techniques to planning and control problems. In the control field, he has developed algorithms for the generation of robust numerical controllers for high complexity systems, including hybrid and nonlinear systems. The same approach was then used in the planning field: in this case, algorithms based on model checking techniques have been adapted to work on the universal planning of nonlinear hybrid systems and, more recently, on the cost-optimal strong planning. These algorithms have been experimentally proved to be very scalable, and are able to handle dynamics and problems of size and complexity that are out of range for most of the current state-of-the-art planners.
    Keywords: UPMurphi Planner , Optimal controller generation through model checking techniques, Universal planning through model checking, Planning and control for discrete-time hybrid systems, Strong planning

  • 2004 - 2016
    XML Technologies

    Works on several different technologies in the XML ecosystem: in this field, he developed a mapping methodology to interface legacy databases with XML data exploiting XML Schemas and a technique for the automatic verification (through model checking) of XSLT transformations.
    Keywords: XML and RDBMS Integration , XML and Requirements Engineering 

  • 2000 - 2008
    Model Checking

    Was formerly a member of a team working on new model checking algorithms exploiting probabilistic properties of transition graphs and intelligent use of secondary memory storage. He developed and maintained these algorithms in the well known model checker Murphi from Stanford University.
    Keywords: CMurphi Verifier , State Space Caching Techniques , Hybrid systems model checking, Stochastic Systems model checking, Fuzzy Control Systems Model Checking

  • 1998 - 2000
    Programming Languages

    Formerly worked on object oriented languages, in particular on the development of an advanced type system to port Java-like static security checks to C++ code.